Dealing with the Smaller Firms gets better returns

Me and my wife have been doing Real Estate for over 40 years combined.  Investment Real Estate is all we have done. Doing the 900+ properties have taught us one thing and that is that you need to stay smaller and take your time. We are currently working on 3 properties that are in different cities.  One of the properties is sold before we have completed the rehab.

The other property that we just finished has an offer on it as of last night.  I will be following up with the realtor today to try and get it finalized.  We have software that generates a lot of interest in the homes with websites and landing pages that are all over the web.  It also includes social media coverage.

I also have a YouTube channel that advertises my clients properties.  I have rented a lot of homes and sold two off of it.  Our company maintains 60+ websites and a lot of them are targeted to to getting your property sold. Click here to view.

The other factor that is very hard to gauge is how hard is that firm will be working on your returns and portfolio.  That is the biggest factor to your returns. For example we do open houses almost every weekend and get a lot of traffic through our properties.  We had a brokers open on Tuesday that really generated a lot of interest from Realtors that sale in that area. 

Having a firm look at every property and handle all the task until it is done is priceless.  Large companies and Large investment companies that charge a fortune to the providers is not always your best option. Rooftopinvestment is committed to being small, lien and every property is hand picked by me. With all the experience that I have in the investment real estate why would you want to go with anyone else?  Brett Young Coldwell Banker